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wins two national awards in the same year

wins two national awards in the same year Gujarat teacher baldevpari

Pari Made And Ran Web Tutorials For Students Who Couldn't Afford Tuition
BaldevPari, a teacher from the non-descript Barwala village, has made a record by winning two national awards for teachers in the same year. Pari who won the National Award for Teachers earlier this year won the National ICT Award for Teachers as well in 2018
The National ICT Award is given to teachers who use Information and Communication Technology ICT) to enhance student learning His website not look like a typ 3crore social media savvy person. embarrass many who boast about Nels
Selectively. Pari may has had over that several stu cal technology and visitors so far but his and he has over in some subjects. achievements may have 45000 followers Pari decided to on Youtube. their reach through The numbers online video chan is growing steadily
Park, grew up in Gabha village of Talala taluka in Gir Somnath district. The village to date does not have bus connectivity I had never imagined then that I would reach this stage," said Pari
Pari says that he had hoped that he would get this award someday but had not imagined that it would come to him in the same year as the National Award for Teachers. This is like the reward for my hard work There are days when I have slept only for three hours in a day to ensure that my videos are recorded in time and go online," he said. Pari had

no formal

train-web hosting or social media, but he ensured that he has a portal and a YouTube channel of his own to reach out to students. His aim was to ensure that students who cannot afford tuition or private coaching do not suffer. He took education to the computers or smartphones of Sach students
Such is Part's passion for ensuring that students take up e-learning that he has made his own studio where he records videos in Gparati and uploads them on his portal as well as his video channel. His website has had over 855akh visitors so far and he has over 7,300 followers on Youtube. The numbers are growing steadily
Pari who teaches mathematics at the barwala Secondary School in BheSan talUka of Junagadh district said that while teaching at the school he noticed dents could not afford tuition despite being weak started a website for such students and registered in
After teething troubles because of the fact that Pari was himself not an IT expert, the website was updated regularly since 2011. Apart from study material Piri also puts up question papers and their solutions on the website. 
The online teacher even puts up videos on value education on his website and YouTube channel. His wife Bhavna, who works at an ayurvedic hospital, helps him with the videos Part spent around Rs 7 lakh on setting up the studio to record his videos He has gone ahead using skills acquired through self-study

wins two national awards in the same year

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