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ટેકનોલોજીથી આપ સરસ રીતે રમી શકો

બાળકોને  ખુબજ મોજ્દાયી રીતે રમી શકે 

ધોરણ 10ની 10 મા પ્રકરણની રમત 

આ રમતમાં આપને મળશે તરત પરિણામ 

આ રમતમાં આપનું નામ લખીને 

⇘પ્લે પર કલીક કરી રમી શકો 

વધુ રમત રમવા માટે નીચે 

⇘નીચે નામ પર ક્લિક કરો




The Gujarati language is more than 700 years old and is spoken by more than 55 million people worldwide. Outside of Gujarat, Gujarati is spoken in many other parts of South Asia by Gujarati migrants, especially in Mumbai and Pakistan (mainly in Karachi). Gujarati is also widely spoken in many countries outside South Asia by the Gujarati diaspora. India was ruled for many a century by Persian-speaking Muslims, amongst the most notable being the Turko-Afghan Delhi Sultanate, and the Turco-Mongol Mughal dynasty. As a consequence Indian languages were changed greatly, with the large scale entry of Persian and its many Arabic loans into the Gujarati lexicon. In North America, Gujarati is one of the fastest growing and most widely spoken Indian languages in the United States and Canada. In Europe, Gujaratis form the second largest of the British South Asian speech communities, and Gujarati is the fourth most commonly spoken language in the UK's capital London. Gujarati is also spoken in Southeast Africa, particularly in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, and South Africa. Elsewhere, Gujarati is spoken to a lesser extent in China (particularly Hong Kong), Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, and Middle Eastern countries such as Bahrain.

quiz is a unique form of game or mind sport in which players or kids attempt to answer questions correctly or try to be precise .this is a game to challenge ourselves to  test knowledge about a certain subject we learned . In some countries, a quiz is also a brief assessment used in education and similar fields to measure growth in knowledge, abilities, and/or skills.

Quiz help students identify what they know and what they don't know. The students then have a better idea of how well they are grasping the material, hopefully motivating them to study more and helping them allocate their study time effectively by focusing on the information that still needs more practice. 


·        Students tend to actually read the material.

·         Students show up for class on time since the quiz always comes first.

·         Students are placed in the right attitude for learning.

·         Students feel more confident to discuss the material.

·         Students raise their grades by simply reading the material.

·         The start of class is signalled.

·         The quiz provides a good lead-in for either a lecture or discussion of the material.

·         Students grow curious about the answers.  At the end of class (when the suspense is killing them), I usually answer any quiz question that didn't naturally pop up during class.

·         The easy chance to do well gives students a feeling of self-esteem

Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board students should be thorough with their prescribed Social Science textbook for Class 10. It will help them to understand the concepts thoroughly. Along with the textbooks, students should also refer to other study materials to score better marks in the exam.

ટિપ્પણીઓ નથી


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